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"Can you send me those files?"

Oh, the myriad of options: You worry about safety, of making a good impression to your customer ... Are you afraid of using file sharing sites for critical stuff? Do you feel lost between FTP servers, shares and cloud services? Are you scared of losing data? Even losing a deal?

But most importantly: Are you aware that you almost certainly still have old files somewhere out there?

Sharing files with friends or customers is either very public or uses technology that is hard to use. If you want to provide space for your customers or family to collaborate, you force them to register to a service. Many people still use FTP to get around the limitations of these - creating an unsafe, hard-to-maintain environment, with passwords all over the place and unprotected file transmission.

The fact people use FTP shows that the current solutions don't work for them. People would be willing to pay a bit for good online space, but the business models are messed up.

Why hasn't the problem been solved?

Many try to offer a free service to get the benefit elsewhere - either by using your data for marketing purposes, by spamming your customers, or by limiting the service to make you pay later. The old technology FTP fills the gap for some professionals - but it's hard to use and inherently unsafe. Some use e-mail-attachments which causes all sorts of problems. All of these solutions do sometimes work - but not reliably so.

What's possible?

Now you can share space with customers in a fast, simple way, to send files or to let them send files to you, to provide an archive or to collaborate. No extra software is needed, any current web browser will do the job.

What's different now?

Imagine sharing solution that just works! Unlike other file sharing solutions ourfolder does not require your customer to register or download any software. Ourfolder puts you in control: You have a website just for you, which is easy to use, and lets you to create a folder specifically for your customer. You can easily share your photos, videos and other files with them, and you get notified instantly when they add files to the folder for you to review.

This is a service built with simplicity in mind: It just works! It is simple, straight forward and can be used by anyone.

This works because we put you in the central spot of our business case: The space belongs to you exclusively. No shady deals are pushed on your customers. You have full control over what's in your folders. With ourfolder we use simple web technology which can be used by everyone who can browse the web. Links to the folder are shared by e-mail, without the need for registration or passwords, and without sacrificing security.

What should you do now?

Sign up with ourfolder and start collaborating. You can test the service for free - there is no risk for you. The only thing you have to give us is
your e-mail address: